two citizens of the public house

meande1 howdy there!  well, i guess there has been a lot happening around here because the content of this post is - gasp - one week old.  i suppose that is a good problem to have.  we have been busy and life has been full.

soooo...back to last friday, then.

elinor had her very first sleepover all lined up so the parents decided to make the most of it.  that means a trip to citizen public house for a full-blown happy hour that meanders into dinnertime.  a leisurely sloooooow meal, just the two of us.  and if that isn't enough to make a sans-kiddo-for-the-night couple feel positively spoiled, we followed that up with a - wait for it - movie!  a non-matinee movie.  with no elinor bedtime to observe, we took in a 7:40 flick. woah. things got serious, folks.

and oh, it was grand.  we actually managed to flip that parent switch to off for an entire night.  we knew that elinor was having way more fun than usual and being all kinds of super-duper loved and a good way, mind you. a little bit of indulging and spoiling is good for everyone.  children and adults, alike.

here's how we indulged:

dinner3 dinner2 dinner5 dinner6 dinner7

dinner8 dinner9 dinner10

to be clear, when the menu says "half priced appetizers for happy hour" in whitehouse language that means "wa-to-the-hoo, two orders of fondue for the price of one!"  and we kept that double-your-pleasure-double-your-fun theme going into dessert.  two desserts, people. {insert piggy snort sound effect right about here}

come on, it was elinor's first sleepover.  you gotta.