ponder | p!nk

if God is a dj life is a dance floor love is the rhythm you are the music if God is a dj life is a dance floor you get what you're given it's all how you use it



well, would you look at you, p!nk?  dabbling in some lyrical theology in the chorus of your jam.

i heard this song while i was out the other day and this excerpt made me do some thinking.  so often, the Christian community squabbles and even schism over such topics: predestination, free will, election, etc.  could it be that this pop singer has it right? is simply and musically spelling out our relationship to the Almighty?

let's break it down, yo.

our lives are music.  they are written out.  notes are put together in a meaningful and melodic way.  these notes are brought to life by love.  it is the rhythm.  love infuses.  it pulses.  it makes the music move and flow.  the songs of our lives are played out on the great dance floor.  we come together and dance.  we move.  we find partners.  we create dance chains.  sometimes, the chicken dance is involved.  if there is no love coursing, there is no movement.  the song becomes stagnant.  the dance floor clears.  the music is dull, lifeless.  the song ceases to be compelling.  the music dies.  and that is why the rhythm must be constant.  love must abide here.  our music must have the beat of love.

and during this great dance, there is a great dj.  He not only spins the records, He is the creator of each record.  each song is different.  remarkable.  a fascinating compilation of notes.  each record was carefully constructed before the dance began.  notes put with other notes.  songs arranged.  tracks organized.  each with a story to tell.  and impact to make.  a melody to share.  and then, He spins the record.  He is intimately acquainted with each note and track.  He designed it.  and He reserves the right to add His creative flair.  scratching and beatmatching.  playing with tempo.  but never to the desolation of the music.  He uses these finely crafted skills to showcase His creativity and profundity...and He does it to make the tracks flow, to make the melody soar, He does it for the love of the music.  for the good of the music.

and so, we dance.  we sway.  we are moved by love.  we get what we are given...but it is all how we use it.  i want my dance to be exuberant.  beautiful.  compelling.  i want people to hear my song and say, "i like the sound of that..."  i want people to see my life unfolding on the dance floor and long to join in.  to get in on the beat that the dj is spinning.  to remark, "wow, listen to that...this song is pretty sweet, but that dj is masterful.  awesome."  sure, there are times when the beat slows.  when my song is like a dirge.  but i sway and dance on.  i maintain joy.  i am hopeful for the next beat.  and then, the tempo picks up again and i dance wildly.  i am gloriously undignified in my movements.  passionate.  my moves may not be smooth, i may even fall on my face, but i am fueled by a passionate love.  and i might as well give it my all...because i am leaving it all on the dance floor.