whitehaũs + taco haũs

tacohaus4 i struggled with the title of this post.

fatty mccheesy pants.

foodie fiesta.

mas chips, por favor.

but in the end, i opted for the witty tilde title.  but truly, any evening in which a queso skillet is ordered as an entrée is sure to be a good time and is worthy of a snazzy title.  << that was me, by the way.  i ordered the skillet of queso as my meal.  and that was after sharing a skillet with the table as an appetizer.  hence the fatty mccheesy pants...

anywho.  ben and i met up with his sister and her man for a double-date.  elinor was hanging with the grandparents and we were two crazy kids out for an evening of good food and adult conversation.  ahhhh, friday nights.  you sure do feel nice.

we got ourselves situated at a roomy four-top and got the chips and salsa started...and the tequila flowing.  truly, one of my favorites is slowly sipping a super cold, extra lime-y margarita while enjoying some salty and spicy foods.  and when you do all this at the close of a busy and oh-so-hot-upper-nineties week?  dreamy.  i really don't drink many margaritas so when i do decide to go for it, it needs to be done right.

speaking of doing things right...queso.  three cheeses and peppers and, wait for it...lentils.  sounds a little kooky, but it was genius.  in fact, it was so tasty that i made the decision to get one for myself.  as my meal.  no sharesies.

yeaaaahhh...and then we got this strEAT corn stuff that was just, yum.  roasted corn with spicy POPCORN and drizzled in sriracha crema.

we noshed and gobbled and sat there for hours.

and did i mention how perfect the playlist was?  apparently, we are their demographic.  i was such a happy girl.  live dmb and counting crows and coldplay and some john mayer.  like, my dream concert from 2002.  summer tunes.

it was just one of those nights, you know?  a night that moves slowly.  takes its time.  we felt like minutes lingered, but the good kind of lingering that only a friday evening can do.

let the hours roll by doing nothing for the fun little taste of the good life whether right or wrong makes us want to stay, stay, stay for a while.


thanks for the sweet setting and yummy grub, taco haũs.  you are doing your cousin joint proud... and we like your style.