you know how sometimes there is just so much going on that you throw your hands in the air and say, "yup, crêpes it is"?  oh, is that just us?  well, we did that on sunday.

our list of activities was pretty lengthy, but when we hopped into the car after church, we just knew.  we had that moment of we need to do something on a whim.  we need to eat some yumminess. we need to just take a moment and follow our bliss.  and our bliss led us to the crêpe bar.

oh man, good call, us.  spontaneity for the win.


oh, elinor. she was majorly digging this scene.


the tiniest taste of house granola.  i am officially obsessed. give me all the granola.


it might be ugly, but it sure was tasty.  my buckwheat crêpe filled with scrambled eggs + mushroom ragout + smoked gouda.