a nod to the nod

quite suddenly, our little peanut has become not-so-little. somewhere in the last few months, she managed to hop-skip-jump right into toddlerhood.  like, a three year old.  preschool stuff, folks.

whhhhhaaaat. iiiiiis.  haaaaaapening.  question mark.

all of this "elinor is a little lady" has got me thinking about her big girl room.  because, you know...a project helps you cope with all those my-itty-bitty-baby-is-growing-up-much-too-fast-yikes feelings. 

in a couple clicks, i landed at the marvelous land of nod site.  and i am just itching to gobble up all this cuteness!  and because i am swooning, i wanted to gush on here and share some of my favorites with you.

okay elinor, if mama is allowed to redecorate, i suppose this toddler business is okay with me.

nod2 nod5 nod3 nod1 nod6