why yes, i would gladly go on a date with you.

IMG_0302 IMG_0301 IMG_0299 IMG_0297 IMG_0298 IMG_0296 that dapper man of mine isn't just good looking, he's got brains.  on tuesday, he passed the series 24 {yet another} licensing exam.  oh yes.  he is legit.  and he didn't just squeak by.  i am talking flying colors.

to mark the occasion, we met up sans elinor for some dinner and libations at the gladly.  and since we planned it for happy hour, that meant sweet deals on pretty much everything.  and when appetizers are half the price...it is a pretty dar good excuse to order twice the amount of food.  we just pretend that the calories are slashed in half as well.  that's how it works, right?  why yes, rachel.  that is precisely how it works.  nod along.

we sat by the window and took our time.  savoring each bite.  conversing.

as much as we love our little elinor, we sure do love an evening of adult conversation.  time when we can focus on each other and engage in leeeengthy dialogue.  and now, with ben's brain cells freed up a bit, we were able to catch up on some of the stuff that we have put a pin in during the last few weeks in the study zone.  golly gosh, it was so nice.

we nibbled and sipped.  and ordered TWO orders of fondue.  people, it was smoked cheese.  and pork butt.  and remember that thing about half the calories?  yup, that applies.  and if i am doing my math correctly, i believe the negative multiplier is also in effect.  so really, it is a health thing.  i think you are technically burning calories...  good food multiplies the enjoyment and divides the calories.  look it up.

we also had this cheesy grits and brussels dish which i will absolutely be ripping off and making at home.  i need more of that in my life.

so, let me just say that it was simply splendid.  hubby, if you could pass a few exams a week and give us a legit excuse to live like this, that would be great.  but could you do it without all that studying stuff?  that is the worst.

mwah!  hail the conquering genius!