{saturdaysanté} week 7 | february 15

IMG_9943 today's saturdaysanté

the day was all about tackling to-do's.  i am talking pro.duct.iv.ity.

we FINALLY finished the coffee table and are so pleased.  we also refinished a mirror, moved some furniture around, cleaned, organized cleaning products and pantry goods, ran errands, grocery shopped, labeled, and put away all the laundry!  this day was tiring but it was *so very* necessary.  the time and sweat helped to declutter our living space and our minds.  nothing better than crossing things off the list.

it made that glass of wine at the end of the day taste so much sweeter.

and all the physical exertion and tightness made our yoga session the following morning that much more necessary and rejuvenating.