{saturdaysanté} week 4 | january 25

house2 house1 house3 today's saturdaysanté

i have a love-hate thing with moving.  but this, this is the part that i love.  putting our touch on a space.  making a house a home.

the smell of wet paint in the air.

fresh.  new.  exciting.

listening to tunes, rolling some glossy black paint, lining cabinets, putting up drapes.

cups of coffee and whole foods runs for sustenance.  WF is like, a mile from our home.  eep!

all that plus, taking about six trips to home depot.  i do my best to only go to the depot in clusters.  get in many many trips in a spurt and then...stay away for as long as possible.  that place makes my brain hurt.  and, quite frankly, keeps me from just living and enjoying.  too many projects and remodels and DIY inspiration can be maddening.  it leads me to a place of wanting more...and the next...and all the things...and would you look at that...and we should rip out all the fixtures...and the yard.  you know what?  how about just doing what we can and then, being content.

but, speaking of DIY...

we have had a project on our list for months now and figured that now is as good a time as any!  while we are in "turbo mode" as my hubby calls it, we might as well do it to it.  when my parents did a little redesigning last year, they were looking for a new place for an old favorite.  a coffee table that was one of the pieces that they bought when we moved to the desert, back in the day.  it has gone from home to home.  it is a part of my childhood.  in all the pictures.  has seen many a coffee cup and conversation and Christmas morning.  and over the years, the custom paint job has started to wear away revealing a cool wood pattern underneath.  it was intriguing to me.  and so, when my parents decided to part with it, i snatched it up and propped it up on a wall in the garage... with big plans to uncover some hidden beauty and do something cool to it.  well, that day has come.

hubby and i grabbed all the necessary supplies and got to it.  during naps and after E was tucked in for the night, we put our hands to the task.  we cranked the tunes, put on the gloves, and scraped and scraped and scraped... and scraped and scraped... times a gajillion.  it was hard work.  but so rewarding.

my shoulders are killing me and my hands are swollen.  but, it felt good. invigorating.  each layer of paint gave us energy as it curled away and fell to the ground.

table4 table3 table1

would you look at that gorgeous gal?!  all ready for her final treatment this week.  {and yes, i will post a final shot once she is ready for her closeup} i can't wait to display her in our family room, all buffed up and looking chic.  here's to many more years of family memories.  and here's to restoration.