french bébé

french2 french1 miss elinor is quite the parisian.  we have been enjoying some easy-peasy french bistro inspired meals around our home and they have gone over quite swimmingly with our family.  i am not talking coq au vin... more like, bread.  fresh, crusty, chewy bread.  and cheeeeeese.

we pair the happy couple with some tasty jam and some jammy red. and voilà! parfait.

and my oh my, elinor LOVES it.  she was quite pleased with her french loaf and comté.  and she even dressed for the occasion.  with that little black shirt on, all she needs is a kicky beret and a glass of châteauneuf-du-pape.

and perhaps some louboutins.

oui oui.

c'est la vie.