unplugged sabbath

this. this is a splendid idea.

we have been living life to the fullest and maximizing all the feelgoodery on saturday...

and then sunday, sigh.  breathe.  unplug.

disconnect to connect.

we keep the phones far, far away {with the exception of a quick peek to make sure we didn't receive a "your child is wild" text from the nursery during service} and spend time much, much closer.

reading.  dancing to records.  playing.  walking.  talking.  laughing.  cooking.  you know, the basics.

the good stuff.  the best stuff.

removing distractions so we can engage more meaningfully.

just the past two weeks have already fostered lengthy planning sessions.  grand dreaming.  reminiscing.  times of fervent prayer.  study.  and a three-hour long conversation after elinor's bedtime.  three hours that felt like three years and yet, three minutes.  we couldn't believe the marathon chat.  it felt good.  it felt like those early days of dating.  you know, when you just talk and absorb and listen.

life can get too fussy.  too cluttered.  the sabbath is meant for rest.  for restoration.  for reformation.  for rejuvenation.  all those much-needed "tion's" that too often take a backseat.  there is a reason why God claimed a day for rest.  why He reminds us and commands us to rest.  we need it.  deep in our spirit.  connecting to community.  connecting to family.  and most importantly, connecting to our Savior.

setting aside a day.  holding it sacred.  protecting the moments.  making it count.  being led beside the still waters so that He may restore our soul.  taking stock of the week.  setting intentions for the week which lies ahead.  pausing.  and sometimes, pivoting.

less consumption of images, things, ideas, energy, bits, and bytes.  more creating.  creating lovely things.  creating fresh ideas.  creating new energy.  creating moments, bits of value.  creating tasty bites to share with family and friends.  instead of obsessing, comparing, wanting, looking, keeping up, posting...giving.  pouring into others.  adding to this world.  adding to our family.  playing my part in the body of Christ.  offering to my community.

these are the days that i've been missing.

these are the days that bring new meaning.

coram Deo.