a whole mess of mama musings

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this post is going to be about half chronicling and half gushing.  our little peanut is just such a doll.  and such a hoot to boot.

the last few weeks have been bubbling over with new activities and developments and personality.  elinor has been so darn funny and doing some of the sweetest things.  this phase might even rival the newborn smell and all that cuddly goodness.

here is a quick list of elinor's newest cutesy-wootsy things and quirks:

bebe | she is so delicate and dear with her bebe.  hugs and kisses and the most tender care.  she strokes her tummy and brushes her lashes with her finger.  she carries her over her shoulder with one hand under the bum and the other on her back.  she pats her back and rocks.  she even sings while she sways.  oh my goodness.  melt your mama's heart, why don't ya?

jesus loves me | she requests this song now.  and oh my, it breaks me.  she looks up at me and starts sweetly singing "tee tee tee tee dee dee dee" until i get the hint and sing to her.  whenever she is ready for sleep or just in need of some rest from all her play.  i live for the day when she truly gets those words.  for now, it is all tone and notes...but i like to think that her little heart understands the greatness of the lyrics.

blue eyes | oh my, such an affinity for sinatra.  this one started from infancy and has only deepened.  she sways to the music whenever frank is spinning and sings along.  and yes, she even cranks the volume way up.  such a little teenybopper, circa 1940.

sharing toys | elinor is on a major sharing kick.  we aren't sure what to make of it, but, we'll take it.  she hands us toys and gives us an exaggerated nod of approval and you are most welcome when we say thank you.

nodding yes | such a positive little one!  she nods yes to show her approval.  she nods yes when we pose a question.  she nods yes when we ask if she wants to take a nap.  yes and yes.

chatting | all the time.  about all kinds of topics.  quite the conversational wizard.

lovies | her current lovies of choice are her bebe, her snuggles, her suzette the fox, and her duckie {which is really more of a goose, but...} she wants them with her always.  she seeks them out by name.  she sleeps with them by her side.  she talks to them.  so social!  bring on the imaginary tea parties.

yawning | this caught us my surprise but it was a delightful discovery.  whenever we yawn in elinor's presence.  she reciprocates with a huge, open mouth.  and a dramatic "aaaahhhh" sound.  hilarious.

shhhh | much like the yawning, elinor is excellent at the copycat "shhhh" sound.  she also knows how to mimic my hushed tones with a dear little whisper voice.  this will definitely come in handy...

telling things off | if something offends elinor, like the table that bumps her or the couch that breaks her fall...she makes her feelings known.  whenever she happens to encounter a roadblock, she points and gives that object a serious tongue lashing.  loud tones and furrowed brow and flailing arms.  and then, she looks up at me and nods as if to say, "okay, mama.  i am good now.  it knows what it did."

peekaboo with charlie | mr. charles is such a trooper.  elinor's new fave is to cover charlie's head with a blanket while he is trying to nap.  and then, yank!  off comes the blanket to reveal a disgruntled doggie face.  and elinor is so overjoyed with this game.  she is delightfully delusional and truly believes that charlie enjoys this time with her.  best buds.

cleaning lady | i promise we didn't train this...but it seems that elinor is quite persnickety.  she makes her way from thing to thing, over and under, picking up bits or hairs or fuzzies as she goes.  she rubs the offensive object between her fingers.  analyzing it and giving it a most disapproving glare before lifting it toward me and handing it off with a pinky raised and a curled-lipped "ehhhh?" even the cleanest of spaces do not escape her scrutiny.

boogie dance | whenever she hears a jam that tickles her fancy, elinor busts a move.  her signtaure move.  she swivels one hip and knee in a twerk-like motion until she practically topples.  so funny.  moves like jagger, i tell ya.

dainty applause + incredibly loud shouts | this is how elinor expresses her approval and joy.  a delicate clap paired with a wild yell.  and that pretty much sums up her personality right there.  sugar and spice.