nutter butter


picture and recipe from the fabulous emily schuman @ the cupcakes and cashmere blog

cupcakes and cashmere strikes again.  miss emily is so lovely and smart.  her blog always inspires and encourages me to try new things...and throw a party!  because, well...why not?

this time, my eyes settled on homemade nutter butters.  genius.

just to be transparent here, i go through a big tub of chunky peanut butter every single week.  i am sure that i am single-handedly keeping the whole foods pb segment going with my weekly purchases.

anywho...back to cookies.  nutter butters pretty much take the cake when it comes to grocery store cookie aisle purchases.  i could eat a sleeve without batting an eye.  but then, all that processed gobbledygook tends to leave my tummy feeling less than happy. now i could just have one or two and be okay.  but who can stop at one?  that is is silly talk.  go for the gusto, am i right?  i know they use all those preservatives and concoctions to give them a longer shelf life...but really?  i mean, how long do they need to stay fresh after you've opened them.  like, three, maybe four days tops?  i don't know about you but when there are cookies present in our home, they don't last long.  hubby and i get the job done.  no preservatives necessary.  maybe if i were stocking up on snacks for my fallout bunker and wanted to make sure i had some peanut buttery morsels around for during a 2045 nuclear attack...

so, a real food recipe - with ingredients that i can pronounce and purchase without any chemistry necessary - that i can make in my own kitchen is the solution here.  a cookie that has the perfect balance of crunch and creamy and salty and sweet.  with ingredients like peanut butter and eggs.  you know the perfect treat that i don't feel {as} badly about eating a handful at a time.